The Porsche 917/20 "Pink Pig"

I'm a huge Porsche fan for many reasons. Anyone who knows about Porsche's very accomplished racing program's history will at least recognize the 917/20, a race car that is lovingly referred to as  the "Pink Pig." The car won the 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race in 1970.

Not many cars can pull off pink very well, but the 917/20 wears its race livery with pride. That might be in part because the Porsche 917/20 was like the Superman of endurance race cars for its time. Part of the secret of the Pink Pig was that it incorporated a longer tail to help it travel at high speeds around the track, but it also incorporated the handling characteristics of short tail cars so it was able to stick the corners of the race track better than the competition. Anyone who's raced on a track before knows that if your car doesn't corner very well, you can lose many precious seconds in just one lap, which can result in a loss if the race is tight.

If you want to see the 917/20 Pink Pig in person, book your flight to Germany. The only one made now resides in the Porsche Museum, a place I could likely spend days touring. For now you're just going to have to enjoy this YouTube video that gives plenty of closeups of the car:

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