A Car That Detects Cyclists and Brakes for Them?

Image courtesy Volvo Car Group

For those of you who don't follow the news in the automotive world, you should know the Geneva Motorshow is going on right now. Geneva always features some big launches that make the show quite exciting and this year is no exception. We have seen the unveiling of Ferrari's new supercar, Volkswagen's new incredibly fuel-efficient vehicle and a new safety technology from Volvo that's caught the world by surprise.

Image courtesy Volvo Car Group
Lately Volvo Car Group has been moving and shaking something fierce. You likely have seen the S60 wolf commercials and have wondered when the company turned so aggressive. Has Volvo shed its boxy and safety-forward image?

Yes to the former and when hell freezes over to the latter.

2013 Volvo V40. Image courtesy Volvo Car Group
Volvo cars are looking more curvacious and downright attractive, while at the same time they are still leading the world in safety. The car company that invented the three-point seat belt, the airbag and the backup camera has shocked the world with another first: a detection system not only for pedestrians but cyclists as well!

Every year cyclists are seriously injured or killed by careless drivers, which is why this technology is sorely needed. There are a growing number of cyclists on the roads in recent years as people try to cut commuting costs, stay in shape and avoid road congestion. Volvo's detection system not only sees cyclists, but it also has the ability to stop the car to avoid a collision. Check out the video below to see the technology in action.

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